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Why This Kolaveri Trance Mix

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27-29 April 2012

Making A Difference - By Subashini


It had always been our plan to give the ladies a voice. We created a video channel and uploaded personal introduction videos. Articles on how different and unconventional this pageant is, has been featured here.  Since then these lovely ladies have been receiving the support they truly deserve. Now we are happy to hear passersby are stopping our ladies, asking them if they are a contestant of Mii 2012 and eagerly showing their support. Asking about the event etc.

Recently we embarked on a little project to encourage the ladies to express their thoughts, views and perspectives in the form of an article, video, photo essay, poster or any other form they thought possible. In an earlier write up, "Beauty Is In The Difference" we did mention we are creating a platform for our lovely ladies to promote their voices to the community. They were encouraged and Subashini has expressed her views on special needs children. A topic close to her heart. This is her contribution :


Beauty is in the difference- I truly believe that this is not about the facade but about inner strength and winning character. I certainly believe that everyone is unique in one way or another. Some with attractive features ,some with amazing intelligence and some with in-born skills . As we are all beautiful in one way or another, we are also equally blessed with the capabilities and intelligence to push ourselves to achieve greater heights. 

Unfortunately, some of us lack the natural ability and created as children with special needs. This it the result of mother nature’s creation of people with different abilities and conditions. The children with special needs may have mild learning disabilities or profound cognitive impairment; food allergies, terminal illness or; developmental delays.

Special Needs Children

This term refers to children who have mental,psychological or physical disabilities . Most common ones in Singapore are Mild Autism, Down Syndrome and Dyslexic conditions.

The angel

His name is Lucas ( not real name, sorry need to protect his identity). Lucas is only 5 and he has Mild Autism and rated high on dyslexia. Lucas was his parents only adopted child and their only dream was to make him a doctor one day. Although, it was a mild condition he was a victim of societal stereotypical statements and was called names such as ‘weird’ and ‘abnormal’. The emotional obstacles his parents had to go through to see their child face challenges, in terms of physical abilities and education, was a tough one. He could not play like children his age was always aided by his mother to do even the basic chores such as brushing his teeth. Lucas, that adorable angel , I believe  woke me up to reality and inspire me to believe that nothing should be taken for granted.  Parents are already going through a period of turmoil, anger,confusion and guilt . None of us to be blamed here.  Lucas has a long way to go and just like all of us, he also has desires, ambitions and even tiny little wishes. He is just finding it a little difficult to express it. 

Message to Society

No one deserves to be an outcast of society or should be judged. As another earthling, we should learn to love all different things in life. As a contestant of Miss Indian International 2012, I just want to send this short message across the world. Special needs children can also grow up to be a doctor, lawyer or even a neurosurgeon one day as long as the society is willing to accept and cross the boundary that creates a 'separation" between the worlds. The world should have no boundaries. Thank you.

If only we make a difference now, they can make our future different.

By Subashini Sandakumar
Mii 2012 - Contestant
10 Feb 2012
You may visit her profile @

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Miss Indian International 2012 - 2nd Batch

These were equally nervous, as were the first batch on 14 Dec 2011. Who would not be? It's not like they do this every week. For most it was a first. For Shalini Rajendran it was a different country altogether. The plan is for our international delegates to arrive in April 2102, to commence their training, preparation and rehearsals. However, Shalini Rajendran, a Malaysian, decided to be at the photo shoot with the second batch. Accompanied by her mother, she flew down and, to our delight, arrived promptly to join her peers.  A pageant orientation was arranged for all on 14 Jan 2012, three days after the second batch photo shoot, Shalini, decided to stay to meet the first batch. It was a treat indeed!!

Besides Shalini Rajendran, we also have Nikita Sachdev, an American by nationality, who has been living and studying in Singapore for two years. She was attracted by the fact that this pageant was opened to ladies of Indian Origin, regardless of their nationality or country of residence. For us it was a challenge trying to get the right structure together to accommodate all local and international entrants. There were all kinds of concerns raised but we managed to cleverly devise a system to accommodate all their request. Soon more will join the journey. Little does someone like Shalini Rajendran, the adventurous one, realise that she is one of the very few who has flown out of her country to participate in an international pageant without winning any title in her country first, or is a resident in, or nationality of, the country she is arriving at to participate. Maybe, just maybe, she is the first person or first Indian to be able to do that. Certainly food for thought, that!!

Once eveyone had gathered, and after a short briefing by Sashi Maala, they were hustled towards Ms Sarah Chaudhry, the official make-up artist, and her team for the traditional makeover. After the make-over, these ladies gazed at each other, feeling for a moment as though they had undergone some form of non-invasive surgery. They could not believe it. We captured those moment. It was exquisite, to say the least. Credit must be given to the eloquent touches of Sarah and her team.

In this batch, apart from the two foreign contestants, the one person who deserves a mention is Durga Devi. Now, here is a woman who epitomizes guts and courage. When she first registered, by her own admission, she thought she would never stand a chance of being shortlisted. Encouraged by her sister, who is also an entrant, she decided to make an attempt. The "come what may" spirit. Just they way we like it. Bold and beautiful. Durga is plus size. Slightly heavier in weight but equally heavy in determination and confidence. Her boldness and promise to give it all it takes, convinced the judges. Sashi Maala believed in her. That's all that mattered. She was selected. The rest, as they say, is history. Durga has already accomplished. One does not have to be great to start, but certainly start to be great. In our view, she has started and that in itself is greatness. Well Done Durga!!! She may not be "pageant material", as some would say, but everyone needs her spirit, to reach greater heights. That is the material everyone should posses, not just pageant contestants. And this pageant is about just that. The spirit in the woman. Hence, "Beauty Is In The Difference" and she is indifferent to difference.

With the makeover done, the ladies dolled up, the photo shoot at the Singapore Flyer and F1 Pitstop started. This time the weather was kind. Several locations were selected and the shutter bugs, Billy and Julian, got to work. After much tips on poise and pose from Sashi Maala and pageant trainer, Jaishree Manuferan, the shots were captured. The one thing, again, we could not miss in every shot taken was the smile is each of these lovely contestants. Hence, the title "More Smiles".

Thank You
The Organising Committee.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Video Introduction - Beauty Is In The Difference

You might know them, seen their photos and now it is time to hear them. The first video introduction of our lovely ladies has been published online on our facebook and youtube channels.  Sorry, but we could not have published all 20 of them on here. Not unless we combined all into one video. Which would have eroded its individuality and uniqueness. 

They now have a media of their own. One created to promote their voices to the community. These videos were self-made, with some guidance from us. They must have learned a thing or two along the way. We are proud of them. Henceforth, we will soon produce more videos to express their viewpoints, talent and accomplishments. 

Miss Indian Internationaol 2012 is a combination of glamour and character-building, with a keen focus on the development of communication skills.

This is the first part of a series of exercises we have designed for each lady to speak with ease, no matter how nervous she is. Watching their first video you will notice that some started with a very catchy introduction, something that just automatically catches your attention. Others had a good idea to tell a story about themselves. Whatever it was, the difference was prevalent, and still is. However diverse and varied, all beautiful, nonetheless. Hence the title "Beauty Is In The Difference". Clearly representing the principal message of Miss Indian International 2012, which is to not only increase the awareness of cultural differences that exist, or is perceived, but to accept and embrace the difference in unity as one. As Indians. 

With a new batch of contestants ready and eager to join this journey, we thought it would be perfect to get the first 20 contestants to express themselves. Guided by Sashi Maala, a training video was created by our Pageant Trainer, Ms Jayshree Manuferan, which included tips on how the ladies should project themselves in an introduction video. We knew this was going to be a challenging experience for most of them, but, they all did just fine. For starters at least.  There is much to improve but that will come with practice. Lots of it. We have spaced the pageant out for these ladies to receive adequate assistance and exposure, to empower them to become better at every level, even in the smallest of acts. 

Unlike most pageant, Miss Indian International is not just an appeal to vanity, it has many elements that stress, intelligence, poise, sense of purpose, friendship, social skills and benevolence over appearance, where its contestants serve as "Ambassadors of Peace, Beauty and Friendship", showing individuality, tenderness, beauty, ability to take action, and, most importantly, a great international sensibility. The ultimate goal of Miss Indian International pageant is to promote peace, goodwill, environmental awareness and social cohesion within the “Greater Indian Community” where, we hope, friendships that are made will last a lifetime. Values we want them to embrace even when they go on to a successful modelling or show business careers. We can already distinguish some as pageant quality and others as models. There is a vast distinction which is often misunderstood. The underlining qualities are, nevertheless, all the same; INNER BEAUTY. We are hoping to  guide them all the way, through our innovative and exclusively designed pageant system. 

In conclusion, we would like to say "BRILLIANT EFFORT" to all the ladies. We would also like to say we know how difficult it has been, and will be, for them to express their thoughts and feelings in front of a camera. Its easy for some, but not for all. So we urge everyone to respect all their efforts. A sincere request from all of us at Mii 2012.

These videos have set our sites and channel ablaze. Thank you everyone for all your positive and thoughtful comments. And Thank You, Mr Murali Kanasappa, for your comment "Pageant videos are notorious of being bimbotic and air-headed, but this was elegant, succinct and genuine. Well done!". We could not have have concluded this article any better, Sir! 

The Organising Team
Miss Indian International 2012 

To enjoy the videos please visit or 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Miss Indian International 2012 New Year Day Photo Shoot

We wanted to make 2012 New Year's Day a little special for our Indian Beauties, to symbolize the beginning of a better year. After all, to make an end is to make a beginning, continuity that will only help discover a better person within. A person who personifies and represents true beauty. 

We started our approach, to enrich our lovely ladies, with a customised New Year Card to share with family, friends and colleagues. Resolve to share it with as many people as possible, Subashini printed to show it to friends and family. All our contestants were truly delighted at the little gesture. Delightful messages of appreciation surged and overloaded our inbox. They also started sending and sharing congratulatory messages and New Year greetings with each other. They have made new friends over the past two weeks, since the first professional photo shoot on 14 Dec 2011. New Year greetings were sprouting on each other's social media sites. Our Miss Indian International 2012 fan page was spared no effort. We began to realise these lovely ladies had already started a new friend nucleus. Perhaps still a little less visible, but definitely on the right track.

Never had they realised what was coming next. Another photo shoot!! This time it was organised in a jiffy. We had arranged, Tamil Rap & Hip Hop Sensation, Emcee Jesz, to make an appearance for shots at our New Year Day photo shoot. Although this was planned, schedules were a little tight. Details were revealed 2 days before the shoot. Besides, being New Year Day, we knew all the ladies would have made plans with family, friends and loved ones. When arrangements were confirmed, there was a "shout out" on Mii 2012 group page. True enough they had commitments, but what surprised us most was the effort made by each to change her plans to accommodate. It was all good and spontaneous. The was no compulsion, but the offer to have their photos taken at the F1 PitStop, was all too irresistible. We guessed, quite rightfully so. The artist was kept a secret till the very last moment. Social dates were cancelled, family commitments were rescheduled and some possibly "escaped" their New Year Day obligations. None asked who the artist was .  They just wanted a chance to be together and take more shots. It worked.

We were delighted when Zuria messaged she managed to get time-off from work just to be part of it. 16  made it. 4 had genuine reasons and we could not have hoped enough for their presence.  

This was a free and easy photo shoot. Just a day out smiling and having fun with the master blaster himself.  F1 Pitstop was chosen to provide the best outdoor site for this photo opportunity. Since we missed it the last time, due to heavy downpour. There were similar threats of heavy rain pouring down, but we got lucky this time. 

On hearing about this photo shoot, Kasvinder posted she was "super excited" and commented further that "it is a great way to start the new year". We could not agree more. That was the plan. To have a splendid start to a brand new year. 

Vogue, Sexy, Smile..........PATCH. The theme for this photo shoot was set as "Pose and Patch". Sashi Maala, with her exquisite art direction, was quick to get the ladies to focus on the look she wanted. Had to capture their attention before the camera caught "the look". Their spirit and cheerfulness made it all easier for everyone. The photo session took less than 2 hour to complete, thereafter everyone happily left to enjoy the remaining hours of the day. 

When the first picture of Sashi with the girls appeared as Mii 2012 profile picture, it got  fabulous feedback. The ladies were amazed at how incredibly united and friendly they all looked. Within minutes, Lavania changed her profile picture posting a comment that it was the best of all the pictures she had seen. Many agreed and followed. Shanthiya kept commenting on how nice the picture turned out. Kokila was wanting to see more. 

Taking all into account, we have decided to call this video "The Perfect Start". A perfect start to 2012 with engine revving, for the ladies and the pageant. 

We want to thank the ladies who, on such short notice, made this photo shoot possible. Emcee Jesz, despite his busy schedule, making the guest appearance and sharing his New Year Day with us. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all the ladies, their families, friends and everyone else a joyous, peaceful and prosperous 2012.
The Organising Team
Miss Indian International 2012


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Miss Indian International 2012 - The Dream

Miss Indian International 2012 - 14 Dec 2011 Professional Photo & Video Shoot
Final Official Video Entitled "The Dream"
Flying High @ Singapore Flyer 
On Flight To Fame - Boeing 737

One of the many attractions of this pageant is an unique opportunity to fly to India for a Movie Audition. Little did our lovely ladies realize we will bring them on board a Boeing 737, for a quick preview of its instrument panels, distinctive features and professional photo opportunity. There was consistent evidence that they were all surprised. Why shouldn't they be, the experience was, after all, novel to them. The authentic smiles and positive facial expressions, including flushed cheeks, gave it all away. Never did they imagine they would be in a cockpit of one of the best commercial jetliner ever built. They went about posing for the camera as if in a dream. It was an absolute surprise as they would have never thought of starting their journey in such a glorious fashion, when they signed up to participate in Miss Indian International 2012. Definitely not at such a preliminary stage of the competition. We wanted to give them the right start to gain the exposure they need. 

With a series of pageant videos and photos going public, the responses have been simply astounding. Some ladies are already attracting a great deal of interest by posting and sharing these videos and photos at every opportunity they get. Their social media activities are encouraging. Some have discrete secrets on sharing them with friends, family, relatives and public at large. Others are hard at work to ensure their photos and videos go viral among their circle to gain maximum exposure. They like, share and comment on every photo, video and post with many encouraging their supporters to do nothing less. There is no doubt in the mind of every contestant that she needs votes to achieve her dream of being crowned "Miss Indian International 2012". With some of the contestants social media activities set ablaze, the heat is on. The realization in ensuring each contestant ceases every single opportunity to share every photo and video to anyone who could support in fulfilling her dream to be in the top spot, is taking form. There may be variations in their approach, but they all seem to agree that the sooner their "strategy" is in place, and at work, the more time they will have for preparation as the competition draws closer. The organisers have spaced the pageant out all too well to give each contestant a fair chance. These contestants have realized they have a head-start. Are they going to take complete advantage of it? If they do, they will lay the groundwork only for future success. A success that can be attributed to early preparation and well executed plan, including one that involves social media. 

With another batch of contestants joining the competition soon, there will be more to do, to perfect the crowning touch. However, like in most, no matter how the hard competition is going to be, it can be made easy if one prepares for it. Those who are hard at garnering support have already realised this. Nevertheless, we are very proud that all the ladies seem to possess a positive disposition along with the right attitude and aptitude to reach new "altitudes". The journey to live the dream has began and we quite rightfully call the 3rd and final official video, of our first professional photo shoot "The Dream". 

The Organising Team 
Mii 2012